Over a decade of True Crime and news commentary by Chelsea Hoffman

Gather News 2009-2013

Gather News no longer exists, but Chelsea was among their top news commentary writers through 2013. Click here to see an archived example of Chelsea Hoffman's contributions to Gather News.

The Inquisitr

Chelsea Hoffman wrote for The Inquisitr for several years. Click here to see her profile on IQ.

The Huffington Post

Chelsea is an occasional contributor to the Huffpost crime channel. Click here to see Chelsea's profile on Huffpost

Other News Publishers

Chelsea has written for The Examiner, All Voices and numerous other news commentary platforms.

Books by Chelsea Hoffman

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann: What Really Happened?

Where to buy it

Lust Murder: A Look at Sexually-Driven Slayings

Where to buy it

The River of No Return: On the Trail of Hannah Anderson and Jim DiMaggio

(Currently out of print)

The Sin City Strangler

Where to buy it

Chelsea Hoffman Blogs & Properties

The Justice Voice is a True Crime & Social Awareness commentary blog owned and maintained by Chelsea Hoffman.

Atheist Witches (formerly iMedusa) is a blog on spiritual topics for people who don't believe in god or mainstream religion. The site is maintained and owned by Chelsea Hoffman and has a few contributing writers.

Umetis.Org is a heritage society designed for people of mixed indigenous ancestry. Founded and maintained by Chelsea Hoffman with other contributing members.

Omnia Ferox Design is the artist identity of Chelsea Hoffman.

Other professional writing experience

Demand Media Studios 2009-2011

Chelsea provided writing services for the notorious content mill "Demand Studios," which later became Demand Media Studios, which later became known as Leaf Group.

Chelsea's writing expertise covered multiple topics for Demand Media, and was published by multiple websites and popular brands including Golfsmith, McCormick and Bounty.

Textbroker Content Writing Services

Chelsea has provided content writing services through Textbroker since 2009. She has covered a myriad of topics through Textbroker content writing such as real estate, travel, property appraisal and more.