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Have questions or comments that you want to take to me privately? Email me by clicking below or emailing me at the address below. Please keep in mind that I am swamped with emails on a daily basis so try to give me at least 48 hours before I respond.

Remember, if you're a parent or immediate loved one of a missing person or homicide victim and you are looking for advice or analysis, my assistance is done on a pro-bono basis. I do not profit off of my direct and private assistance with loved ones of the missing and voiceless victims of homicide. 

If you don't want to reveal your email, you can simply comment on this page with your sentiments. The comments of this website are moderated, so I do see every comment that is posted.

If you want to leave a voice mail, please call the following number:

(702) 723-6541
Please keep in mind that it is at the discretion of Chelsea Hoffman to publish excerpts of voice or mail messages for any reason. By calling this phone number and leaving a message you are hereby agreeing to these terms. If you do not agree to the terms of your messages being either shared, published or turned in to authorities for various cases, do not call the number. The number is for the sole purpose of having your voice heard while sharing your thoughts, questions and comments with Chelsea Hoffman.

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