About Chelsea Hoffman

Crime analyst and profiler Chelsea Hoffman offers her insight on a seemingly endless number of high profile crime cases as well as cold cases that the media has forgotten about. Her outside-the-box philosophy and devotion to victims of crime also keep her in headlines as a prolific blogger and news commentary producer. She walks a fine line balancing the roles of both public personality and pro-bono profiler and consultant for families and other individuals that investigate disappearances and unsolved murders.

Life hasn’t always been one of packed schedules of juggling full time school with full time advocacy and blogging for victims of crime. Chelsea Hoffman has walked on both sides of right and wrong small town and big city environments that only bred that bad-girl personality. Her brief life of crime and colorful upbringing exposed her to a frightening variety of individuals in the dark underbelly of society from thieves and drug addicts to sex offenders and murderers -- she even helped lock one away with a sentence of 40-years.

To put it bluntly: Chelsea Hoffman has been inside the minds of various criminals and knows just what makes them tick. She has the hands-on-experience that many people don’t, who have only been exposed to these types of personalities through case files, police reports and written letters. Combine this real-world experience with her cunning intelligence and lifelong personal study of crime cases via true crime publications, real life cases, and formal education. Chelsea packs a punch when it comes to insight and opinion on a wide array of crime related topics.