The bizarre Courtney Roland disappearance

Media headlines are abuzz with updates in the case of a Texas reporter who briefly went missing. Courtney Roland has been located safely, but the manner in which she was found has created far more questions in her case that had existed when she was missing. What actually happened to the 29-year-old journalist before she was found "unharmed" under a Houston overpass?

Courtney Roland vanished after sending a text to her roommate, claiming that a suspicious man had been following her. The text claimed that the man was following her in a blue truck. Later, when she failed to meet up with her roommate, she was reported missing. Her vehicle was shortly found after she was reported missing, and inside were the missing woman's most important possessions: Her purse, keys and cellphone. This created immediate feelings of fear in her disappearance.

Fortunately, the missing woman was located when a passer-by spotted her under a highway overpass in the same area where she was last seen. The motorist reportedly recognized her from reports, and immediately called authorities. Courtney Roland has been taken to the hospital to be checked out, but she is reported as being "unharmed," which brings more suspicion to this case.

Did Courtney Roland go missing on her own, concocting the story of the "suspicious man" who had been following her? Or was this Texas woman abducted and held captive for a short period of time? Police aren't sharing any further details on this case, but it is fortunate that this woman has been found safe and alive -- unlike so many other cases of missing women, children and men.


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