Olivia Lone Bear is still missing

The search for missing woman Olivia Lone Bear has entered its third month, and her loved ones are still reeling at her mysterious disappearance. This has been a suspicious case from the start: Olivia vanished at the end of October 2017, leaving a nightclub in a teal-colored pickup truck.

I've covered this case from the beginning, but with so few details being shared in the past several weeks, it's impossible to offer a lick of insight. What's apparent is that this woman is definitely missing. This has surpassed what may have been a brief disappearance. With the search entering month-three, it's impossible not to ask if this woman was the victim of foul play.

Did someone kidnap and murder Olivia Lone Bear? The longer she remains missing, the more the possibility of a voluntary disappearance diminishes. It's highly likely that something bad happened to Olivia, given that her own loved ones have accused at least one former boyfriend of being abusive to her.

Currently, a reward is being offered for any information that leads to a conclusion in the search for Olivia Lone Bear. If you think you have any information that might be helpful to investigators, please do not hesitate to contact the New Town, North Dakota Police Dept. at 701-627-3314.


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