Nov 4, 2017

What happened to Lily Mercado-Reyes?

Police in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania are looking for Lily Mercado-Reyes (also reported as Liriolgie Crystal Mercado-Reyes). The 17-year-old girl hasn't been seen since July 9th, and has only recently been reported missing. With nearly four months passed in her disappearance, will this missing teen be found alive?

Lily Mercado-Reyes has a history of running away from home, but no reports indicate whether or not she's ever stayed gone for an extended period of time. What is known about her case, is that she left her family's home on July 9, 2017 -- after writing a note indicating that she had to go help a friend of hers. She never returned home, and has completely dropped out of contact.

Pennsylvania State Police are currently involved in the search for Mercado-Reyes, but there doesn't appear to be any information to share regarding their investigation. Furthermore, the missing teen's family haven't made any appeals to the public through media sources. It seems that this case is being treated as a run-of-the-mill case of a runaway teen -- but what if that's not the case, after all?

Hopefully this missing teen is located safe, and her case is closed on a positive note.

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