Union Parish, Louisiana: Where is Amber Hammons?

Authorities in Louisiana are looking for Amber Hammons. The 28-year-old woman hasn't been seen for at least two weeks, but her family only recently reported her missing. With so much time passed before any attention has been given to this case, it's hard to determine what kind of outcome there might be. What happened to this missing woman?

There aren't many details in this case, which is unnerving since two weeks have passed since anyone has seen or heard from this missing woman. The details surrounding how, when and where she was last seen by anyone are completely unknown at this time. For the time being, it seems that all reports about Amber Hammons' case are generic and very light on information. All we know is that she's missing, and has been missing for two weeks.

Why did her loved ones wait so long to report her missing? What was going on in this woman's life to lead to such a long gap in time before anything was done about her disappearance? Her Facebook profile states that she's in a relationship, and she's the mother of at least one child (possibly more). She also appears to have a relationship with her mother and other loved ones. So why did they wait two entire weeks?

Hopefully Amber Hammons is voluntarily missing, and she comes forward after noticing her case making headlines. Otherwise, it's completely disturbing that she's been gone for this long with no contact, no media coverage, nothing. Things don't seem right about this case, for multiple reasons.


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