Serenity Sanders: Toddler Vanished from Family Home

Update: Serenity Sanders has been found safe!

An Alabama toddler is missing, after her loved ones say she wandered from their home Thursday night. Serenity Sanders is three-years-old, and hasn't been seen for at least three hours, as temperatures continue to drop throughout the night, with threats of rain. This child is in clear danger -- whether it's by exposure to the elements, or something far worse.

News reports state that Serenity Sanders used a sliding glass door to exit her parents' home at around 6:00 p.m. The Dekalb county toddler hasn't been found, even though searches have been extensive thus far. She was last known to be wearing a gray shirt with pink bows, matching pink boots and a pair of khakis. If you've seen this child or have any information on her whereabouts please call 911 immediately.


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