Olivia Lone Bear Update: Suspicious Details Start To Surface In Missing Woman's Case

The search for missing woman Olivia Lone Bear continues, but so far no evidence has been publicized (if any has even been found). Searches have focused on the Fort Berthold Reservation, but no sign of the missing woman has been uncovered. Meanwhile, new details are coming to light in this missing woman's case -- and some of them are a tad suspicious. What happened to this missing woman? Is someone close to her hiding something?

A loved one of Olivia Lone Bear posted on Facebook, not long after her disappearance, some of the circumstances in her case. These details were posted at the end of October, but no mainstream media outlets have bothered sharing them, or anything of the sort. It's as if the media doesn't really care about all the twists and turns that are already present in the disappearance of this Native woman.

According to Lone Bear's loved ones: It's believed that Olivia may have been active on her cellphone as recently as October 29th. However, they suspected that someone else could have had possession of her phone. As you can see from the screenshots I've included in this post, her loved one also seems to harbor some kind of suspicion against at least one of Olivia's ex boyfriends. Allegations of abuse are included in the screenshots.

So it's pretty much up in the air regarding what might have happened to Olivia Lone Bear. Either she is missing voluntarily (she made a new Facebook account around the time of her disappearance, which could hold some kind of clues), or someone close to her might know exactly what happened to her -- if you know what I mean.

Will detectives be able to figure out what happened to Olivia Lone Bear? The longer this woman is missing, the harder it will be to find her alive -- especially if someone has abducted her, or if she got into an accident somewhere. The truck she was last seen in still hasn't been located, so that does highlight the possibility of a car accident. Hopefully detectives get to the bottom of this case before too much more time passes.


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