Brian Peck Hacked His Mom to Pieces Over Jimi Hendrix Fight

Illinois man Brian Peck is in jail after he confessed to murdering his own mother. The 55-year-old initially reported her missing, but after her dismembered remains were found in some discarded luggage, his story began to change. The horrifying incident all began with Jimi Hendrix.

Oxygen Crime Time reports that Brian Peck got into a fight with his mother when she complained that his music was too loud. The middle-aged Illinois man was listening to Jimi Hendrix at the time of the argument, and he didn't want to turn down the song that was playing. This escalated the fight into a physical altercation, which ended in the death of the 76-year-old woman. Peck admitted to shoving the woman to the floor and then stomping on her neck and head area, until she died. The brutality of her death didn't end there, however. The Illinois man put his own mother in a bathtub in their home, and dismembered her body.

After doing a piss-poor job of cleaning up the crime scene, Brian Peck called police and reported his mother missing, telling them that she had left to walk their dog, but never returned. It didn't take long for detectives to determine that a crime had taken place in the home, as blood spatter was still visible in some places. He decided to admit to the crime when police showed their evidence against him: the luggage that was used to dispose of his mother's body, along with all the forensic evidence he didn't clean up in the home he shared with the victim.

It's unbelievable to think a man would kill his own mother over something as trivial as wanting him to turn down his music. However, it must be noted that Brian Peck has a history of violence. He had previously entered a guilty plea in a domestic battery case, which also involved his mother. So this horrifying incident was far from the only time he had been physical with the woman who birthed him. Now he's being held on first-degree murder and concealment of a murder -- without bail.


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