Who killed Monica Hoffa?

The body of 32-year-old Monica Hoffa was found slain on Friday morning, and now detectives in Tampa, Florida are looking for a killer. Is the public at risk, or was this an isolated murder that has a neighborhood so disturbed?

She started out as a Jane Doe. A Tampa city worker stumbled upon the mystery woman's slain body on Friday morning, on a piece of land owned by the city. In a quiet neighborhood of small houses with lush, grassy lawns, residents were shocked to learn of the discovery.

Police say Monica Hoffa suffered from "upper body trauma," not revealing much else about the circumstances of her death. However, residents of the area claimed to hear gunshots just a couple days prior to the discovery of her body.

With so few details available to the public, it's impossible to speculate on what may have led to the death of this woman. However, there are numerous questions to be asked. Since the identity of this woman's killer is unknown, it's important to look at the victim. Who was she? How did she live her life? A brief search of her name (Monica Caridad Hoffa) returns more than one mugshot. One arrest took place in 2016. Hoffa allegedly fled the scene of a crash "with injury," which landed her in jail. Her occupation listed on the Hillsborough County data sheet is "Saki Sushi Server."
Police have stopped short of confirming that Monica was shot to death by asking for information on "a possible gunman" responsible for her death. If you have any information regarding the murder of Monica Hoffa, please do not hesitate to contact the Tampa Police Department at (813) 276-3200.


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