Who killed Jamie Santos?

On the morning of October 28, 1991, the unresponsive body of Jamie Santos was found in her home. The 27-year-old exotic dancer had been smothered to death with her pillow and left for dead. It's reported that the woman struggled with her unknown assailant before she was overpowered in her bedroom. Jamie died soon after she was found, and was never able to offer any information about what happened to her. Detectives have never been able to find her killer, but many believe he is who called 911 to report the crime in the first place. Will this bizarre crime ever be solved?

Police were alerted to the body of Jamie Santos after an unidentified man called 911 from a shopping center in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. The man told the emergency operator that a woman was unconscious in her home.

Listen to the bizarre 911 call by clicking here

Who killed Jamie Santos? Authorities believe that her job as an exotic dancer may have played a role in her mysterious murder. Perhaps a regular at the club where she danced followed her home and ended her life? Regardless of the speculation that surrounds this case, all that really exists is the strange 911 call by the male stranger. Did Jamie's killer call 911 to let people know about what he had done? Was this a sort of game to the killer? Or did the man who strangled Jamie have a sudden change of heart, wanting her to be rescued at the last moment?

Upon listening to the 911 call, it seems that the man was frantic and wanted emergency workers to respond as soon as possible. Could it be that the man who called 911 was someone who innocently found her dead, but wanted to remain anonymous for other reasons?

There are just so many questions in this case, but no answers. The unsolved murder of Jamie Santos is turning 26-years-old at the end of this month. Hopefully another 26 years doesn't pass without any information leading to closure. In the meantime, please share your thoughts in the comments section. Do you think the 911 caller was this woman's killer?


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