What happened to Holly Crider?

It's been seven months since anyone has heard from Holly Crider, and her loved ones are still appealing to the public in search of answers. The 38-year-old Danville, Ohio woman was last seen in March of this year, but seemingly vanished without a trace. What happened to this missing woman? Did she disappear voluntarily, or did something horrible happen to her?

With it being six months since anyone has seen or heard from Crider, it's hard to speculate on the possibility that she hasn't met foul play. She was reported missing by her husband on March 30, 2017, and over the course of the past seven months, detectives haven't been able to figure out what happened to her.

Holly's husband, Jason, didn't report her missing until a full day after she disappeared. He claims that she has disappeared for "short spells" in the past, so he wasn't initially alarmed by her disappearance. Now he says he's worried, because it's been seven months. There are numerous factors in this woman's case. She suffers from health problems that requires her to carry around oxygen. Furthermore, she had made comments about dying not long before she vanished.

So there is a lot to consider in this case. On one hand, it's suspicious that her husband waited an entire day to report her missing. On the other, her history of disappearing indicates that she may have certain issues that might have caused her to leave again -- whether she has drugs/alcohol problems, or mental health issues. The health problems are troubling, because they indicate that she could have died somewhere inaccessible, without her oxygen. Anything is possible in this case, and with seven months passed, it's hard to see an end in sight.

What do you think happened to Holly Crider?


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