What did Amanda Dunlap do to her baby?

Boise mom Amanda Dunlap has been charged with murdering her 20-month-old daughter, and the circumstances surrounding the child's death are unclear. KTVB News reports that the 22-year-old mom had originally been arrested for crimes associated with child abuse, but after the infant died in the hospital, those charges were upgraded. Now she's being held on bond in the amount of $2 Million, which clearly indicates that prosecutors don't want her seeing the outside of a jail cell for anytime soon. So what exactly did the young Idaho mom do to her little girl?

Detectives allege that Amanda Dunlap had been abusing her 20-month-old daughter, Lyryk, for at least two months prior to the child's death. They believe that the child suffered torturous abuse between the months of August and early October, before the child was finally taken to a hospital. While authorities aren't divulging details about the child's injuries, it appears that they were able to determine that there were signs of ongoing abuse on her body.

Right now, a family is mourning the loss of a beautiful baby, who was far too young to suffer such a horrifying fate. The so-called "mother," Amanda, has a long fight ahead of her if she thinks she's going to get away with this. Detectives believe that they have a solid case against her, and comments made by the child's father will only aid in the task of prosecuting her, and making sure she gets the punishment she deserves.


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