Was Tiffany Crabtree Arrested? Missing woman supposedly found safe

Rumor has it that Tiffany Crabtree has supposedly been found safe -- but neither police or news outlets have confirmed this. On several posts pertaining to her disappearance on social media, numerous people are claiming that the missing woman has been found, but under circumstances that she undoubtedly regrets.
According to posts on the Aware Foundation Facebook page, Tiffany Crabtree was arrested by police last night, after she had been missing for more than a week. Multiple people have come forward with these claims, but I must -- again -- stress that police have not confirmed this with the public.

While this appears to be good news in the search for the missing woman, I want to point out that many missing persons cases come with their share of gossip. And with that gossip, sometimes false claims arise. Until police confirm that this woman has been found, I think everyone should operate under the assumption that she is missing. That's not to say that she hasn't been found (I for one believe that she has), but it's better to be safe than sorry.


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