Tiffany Crabtree Facebook Activity Contradicts Official Story

The disappearance of Tiffany Crabtree still hasn't been solved, and the search for her is fully into the second week. While her loved ones continue pleading for help from the public, detectives in Arnold, Pennsylvania have remained tight lipped about the entire ordeal. Have they checked the woman's online activity? The question should be asked, because her own Facebook activity indicates that she was using her phone for some time after she was reportedly "last seen."

Tiffany Crabtree was reported missing by her mother after she failed to check in to a treatment facility, but was last seen by her boyfriend. He reportedly told authorities, and family members, that she left their home on foot at approximately 8:45 p.m., Oct. 17th. The man, listed publicly as her fiance Alan Reed on Facebook, claims that she was walking to see her sister. However, she never made it to her sister's house that night, according to loved ones.

This is the missing woman's Facebook page.

On Tiffany Crabtree's Facebook profile, the last activity on her account was at precisely 9:59 p.m. on the night of Oct. 17th. So, if she did supposedly leave the home she shares with Alan, she was on her phone playing game apps for over an hour after he claims he last saw her. If Alan Reed is telling the truth (and there are no details to suggest that he isn't), and Tiffany told him she was going to her sister's house, where was she for over an hour playing phone games? Her loved ones say she never made it to her sister's that night, though her residence is not a far walk from Tiffany's.

Did Tiffany Crabtree lie to her fiance the night she went missing? Did she actually go somewhere else, instead of her sister's home? Or, is Alan Reed hiding something? I'm not accusing this man of a single thing, but I would like answers (as I'm sure all of you would) behind the time discrepancies between his story and Tiffany's Facebook activity.

Speaking of Tiffany's Facebook activity: It has completely stopped since Oct. 17th. Judging from the public posts on this missing woman's profile, she was a frequent user of social media, posting almost daily, and very rarely with long breaks between posts. None of her social media behavior seems out of the ordinary for a woman her age, though she appeared to be going through a rough patch in August. The woman made vague posts about "being hurt by her life right now" and other similar comments.
At other points, her social media reveals a strained relationship with her fiance Alan Reed. As you can see from screenshots of her public social media posts, they had broken up as recently as August of this year -- just approximately two months prior to her disappearance. The reason for the breakup wasn't made public, but Crabtree herself alludes to her own drug problems, promising a friend that she isn't using drugs at the time of her posts in August.

It should also be noted that the missing woman's mother, shown in one of the above screenshots as Ginny McClain Crabtree, appeared to be talking about Alan when she mentioned "being controlled." So does this mean the missing woman's boyfriend was a controlling sort? Would any of these details have anything at all to do with her disappearance? People claiming to be loved ones of Tiffany Crabtree have reached out to me claiming that I shouldn't even mention Alan in these posts, but he was indeed the last person to see this missing woman -- and they do have a publicly documented history of relationship problems.

This case is certainly shaping up to be quite a bizarre one. What are your thoughts?


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