Tia Bonta: Florida Jane Doe Identified, but who killed her?

A Florida Jane Doe has been positively identified as missing woman Tia Bonta. Now authorities are actively investigating her death, believing she fell victim to foul play. Will detectives uncover the truth surrounding this tragic case?

Tia Bonta went missing over a year ago, leaving behind a young child. Her loved ones have long-stated that the young woman wouldn't have ever left her child behind like this, nor would she have disappeared without contacting someone. Her disappearance went unsolved over the course of the past year, but a grisly discovery made just a couple of weeks ago has at least brought an end to the search.

Sadly, the search ended on a tragic note, and more questions remain than answers.

In September, the skeletal remains of a Jane Doe were found off the side of a rural road in Bithlo, Florida. All authorities had to identify her with, at the time, were several pieces of jewelry (including a unique ring with the word "mom" engraved into it). It's fortunate that the identification of this possibly-slain woman was swift, but the current death investigation could be lengthy.

How did Tia Bonta end up concealed in brambles and overgrowth in rural Bithlo? Who's responsible for her death? Authorities haven't confirmed whether or not the place of discovery was a primary or secondary crime scene, so there are still few details on which to speculate. Hopefully more details are released as this investigation continues.


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