Should parents be allowed to spank their kids?

South Africa is reportedly weighing a ban on spanking, which has caused quite a stir among parents that don't even live in the region. New Zealanders, for starters, are particularly offended. The situation brings forth the ages-old debate on whether or not parents should have the right to smack (spank) their children. Do you think a parent should have the right use corporal punishment on their children, or do you think it does more harm than good?

Family First NZ believes that South Africa's "smacking ban" will cause more problems than the government is attempting to remedy. A statement made by the director of the group, Bob McCoskrie, points out a fear that good, decent parents may be targeted.

"Parents use occasional smacking because it works and it’s appropriate. Criminalising good parents who simply want to raise law-abiding and responsible citizens is bad law-making."

It seems that this interest group wants to fight for the right to spank their children, and they do bring up a strong point, but is their point valid? While corporal punishment in the home may deter a child from participating in unsavory behaviors (more out of fear than actual comprehension of right from wrong), there are proven downsides of spanking. A long-term study conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri has recently found that spanking a young child could create negative effects which last for a decade or longer. The findings of the study have led researchers to the conclusion that spanking isn't a reliable method of punishment, when raising children.

What do you think? Should parents have the right to punish their children with spankings? Or should parents be held responsible for punishing their children without violence? Sound off in the comments below and tell me what you think!


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