Serial Killer At Large: Who is the Eastbound Strangler?

A serial killer has claimed at least four murders in the area of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and authorities haven't been able to identify him. Dubbed the Eastbound Strangler, this unidentified serial killer is still at large, and could still be stalking the streets in search of more victims.

Authorities believe the mysterious killer was active late in the year 2006. It was between the months of October and November that at least four women were found strangled and dumped in the same area. These murders triggered suspicion that a serial killer was murdering prostitutes, but their murders remained unsolved.

The four women slain in 2006 were prostitutes, all of whom had been battling drug habits. Detectives believe that the women all accompanied their killer willingly, but were murdered and dumped in a drainage ditch near the Golden Key Motel. All four victims between October and November 2006 were found face down in shallow water. They had all been strangled to death and laid down in a single row, each spaced approximately six feet apart, almost as if they were purposely displayed. All of the victims were facing east -- which is why the killer earned the nickname of Eastbound Strangler.

Multiple theories -- and multiple suspects -- have been considered over the course of the past 11 years. A man named Eldred Burchell gave himself the nickname "River Man" while frequenting sex workers -- as a sort of nod to prolific serial killer Gary Ridgway. No evidence ever tied him to any murders, and he was never charged. Another suspect, Terry Olsen, was fingered by detectives because he had been staying at the Golden Key Motel at the time of the murders. Olsen, a handyman, had been staying there for free in exchange for doing repairs. Police suspected him after he was caught filming his girlfriend's daughter undressing. Even though he was a suspect, Terry Olsen was never charged, and no evidence ever tied him to the murders.

Detectives even once believed that the Eastbound Strangler and the Long Island Serial Killer may be the same person. However, that line of speculation eventually ceased, and authorities now say there is no connection between either of the unidentified killers.

A reward is being offered in the amount of around $25k, and has been actively offered since 2015.



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