Serial Cat Killer May Start Killing Women

A serial cat killer is preying on pets in Britain, leading people to worry about the safety of their own furry loved ones. They have every right to fear this, but there should be an even bigger fear that concerns residents of  Northampton and surrounding communities. This unidentified monster could very well move on to human victims, if he isn't caught soon.

Authorities believe that a single person is responsible for the deaths of as many as 370 pets -- possibly more. In other words, they believe one person has killed and mutilated nearly 400 cats and small dogs. This killer is mostly targeting cats, which is a troubling fact of this horrifying case. Cats are often associated with women, especially when it comes to the thought processes of those who torture and kill animals. Many violent criminals throughout history had previously harmed animals before committing their more notorious crimes.

Brenda Ann Spencer famously told reporters that she didn't like Mondays, when asked why she shot up an elementary school from her bedroom window. Prior to this famous shooting, Spencer had also also dabbled in animal abuse. During her childhood, Brenda supposedly lit neighborhood cats and dogs on fire.

Jeffrey Dahmer tortured animals relentlessly when he was a child. He ordinarily targeted dogs, decapitating them and doing other horrific things to them. Later in life, he became a prolific serial killer and cannibal of young, gay men.

Before Edmund Kemper became known as the Coed Killer, he tortured, killed and dismembered animals -- including his own pet cat. He decapitated the animals he killed, which he also ended up doing to the numerous women he killed (including his own mother).

The BTK Killer -- aka Dennis Rader -- practiced on animals before he ultimately became a serial killer of women.

The list could go on for days, to be honest. Animal abuse is a common background factor in the lives of serial killers and other notorious violent criminals. This person in England is supposedly responsible for nearly 400 animal deaths, which could only indicate that his lust for murder is damn near insatiable. If women and children start going missing in the regions afflicted by these pet mutilations, it will not be surprising at all.


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