Oct 11, 2017

'Rubber Eyes' Jane Doe: A truly gruesome case

In December 2014, a child was walking home from his school bus stop in Economy, Pennsylvania, when he discovered something that no human being should ever see. In a field along Mason Road, overgrown with bush, the lad discovered the severed head of a middle-aged woman. That wasn't the worst part of this horrifying discovery. Will we ever learn the identity of the Jane Doe who has no body?

At first, the child thought he was approaching a deceased animal, but when he took a closer look, he was horrified to find that he was indeed staring at the severed head of an older woman. According to the description given by detectives, the head had been sawed from the body with precision, and she had been expertly embalmed. In place of where her eyes would have been, two red rubber balls were stuffed in the sockets.

The Beaver County Jane Doe is a mystery that has left area residents in shock, worried that a twisted killer may be behind this gruesome discovery. Detectives on the case haven't soothed those fears by adding their own theories behind the existence of this unidentified victim. According to Reuters, detectives suspect that the severed head may be linked to the black market world of body part trafficking.

Whether this Jane Doe is the victim of black market trafficking, or a Beaver County local mutilated her -- she has not been identified. it's been nearly three years and very litter information has been shared by authorities since the discovery of the woman's head. Nonetheless, interest in her case persists -- and a child is definitely going to need years of therapy to recover from what he has seen.

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