Oct 30, 2017

Prettiest Couple in Nashville Accused of Child Neglect

Authorities in Nashville, Tennessee have arrested Joshua Goad and Ashley McClanahan, after the couple completely blew their babysitting gig. Fox 17 News reports that the couple were entrusted to care for three small children -- all under the age of four-years-old -- earlier this year. Arrest affidavits have since been made public, and their crimes have been made public.

Police say Goad and McClanahan drank throughout the morning that they were watching the three toddlers, during which time they became involved in a domestic quarrel. Police were called to the scene on reports of a domestic disturbance, which is where they found the drunk Nashville couple -- along with the three kids they were supposed to be watching.

When the couple were arrested at the scene of the disturbance, authorities noted that there were several opened containers of alcohol within reach of the children in the home. They have been charged with child neglect in association with the incident, and produced mugshots that are quite amusing.

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