Police: Texas couple made children eat cat feces

A Texas couple has been arrested on allegations of child abuse -- and the details are infuriating. News 4 San Antonio reports that 22-year-old Cheyanne Chalkley and 31-year-old James Chalkley are accused of torturing multiple children in their home. They've been charged with injury to a child, among other crimes in association with the allegations against them.

Police say that James and Cheyanne both beat their children with belts and "switches." They say the switch was a branch covered with thorns, which left visible injuries on the kids. The Texas couple allegedly "took turns" habitually abusing their children in this manner. However, this isn't the most horrifying allegation against them.

The children in the home say that when the family cat defecated in a closet in the home, James Chalkley wiped the runny feces on their faces, and then forced a three-year-old girl to eat the feces. The children also allege that their parents put a shock collar on them, and used it to punish them. The shocks resulted in their necks turning green.

Had one of the children's teachers not noticed the bruising on one of their backs, these horrifying crimes may not have been discovered. It's fortunate that the children have been removed from the home, but will they stay safe? Hopefully appropriate action is taken to assure that these kids are never in contact with their parents again.


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