Oct 28, 2017

Police: Prostitute Killed Her Mom For Ridiculous Reason

An Illinois woman has been charged in association with killing her own mother, and the reason given by police is absolutely astounding. The Pantagraph reports that 22-year-old Christine Roush stabbed and strangled the woman, before leaving her to die in Funks Grove Nature Preserve. Her boyfriend has also been charged, but his lawyer argues that he was an innocent "pawn" and witness to the horrifying murder.

Police say that Roush's mother, Teresa Poehlman, threatened to turn the 22-year-old woman in to authorities for prostitution. This enraged Roush, who then reportedly told her boyfriend that she needed to "take care of her mom." She feared that if Poehlman was successful in turning her in to police for prostitution, then it would jeopardize her chance at regaining custody of her child. Apparently she didn't think murder would jeopardize those chances. It's probably safe to say she won't be getting custody of her daughter now.

Both Roush and her boyfriend, Matthew Isbell, have been charged with first degree murder. Prosecutors believe that, even though Isbell gave them information leading to the solution of the case, he was still an active party in the murder. His claims of being an innocent witness don't exonerate him, because he reportedly drove the woman to the place where she was murdered, not doing anything to stop the event.  

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