Ohio Mom tied bag over toddler's face before taking photos

An Ohio mom has been arrested, after she reportedly sent photos of her daughter being abused to the little girl's paternal grandmother. KSLA News reports that 24-year-old Queridea Young has been charged with child endangerment, but is the charge severe enough for the crime she allegedly committed?

The paternal grandmother of Young's daughter contacted police after she received disturbing texts from the Ohio mom. In the series of texts, Queridea Young reportedly threatened to tie a plastic bag over her toddler's head. She then sent a text stating that she had carried out her threat, and "left it on her for 30 minutes." The disturbing texts were accompanied by a photo of the poor child with a plastic grocery bag over her head -- thought it doesn't appear as though the bag was tied around her neck.

Her behavior has enraged the paternal grandmother of the young victim, who gave her own threats of justice.

"I'm gonna put this bag over her head and let her see how this feel[sic]," said Venus White. 

The child is currently safe in the custody of her biological father, and Ohio mom Queridea is sitting in jail on bond in the amount of $25k. On condition of her arrest, she will be required to wear an ankle monitor bracelet, which is probably for the best -- to keep her away from her child. 


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