Monica Hoffa Update: Elderly Woman Heard Murder

An elderly woman heard the murder of Monica Hoffa, but didn't open her door because she was afraid. The Westfield Republican reports that 80-year-old Lula Mae Lewis lives directly across the street from where the body of the slain Tampa woman was located. Would a killer be identified if this elderly woman opened her door, or would she have been another victim on the night of Hoffa's murder?

"I heard the shots that Wednesday night. But I was afraid to open my door because they were so loud, it sounded like it was just right there," the Seminole Heights resident told reporters. 

It's chilling to learn that a killer was right outside the homes of these Florida residents -- all of whom are on edge after learning that a serial killer is on the loose. Parents aren't letting their kids play in their front yards, and police are escorting children to school in the mornings. It's clear that the lives of everyone in this Tampa neighborhood have changed since three shootings have remained unsolved.

Monica Hoffa was the second of three murders that have all taken place in Seminole Heights, over the past two weeks. Detectives still haven't been able to identify the man seen in surveillance footage -- taken near the bus stop where two of the killer's victims were shot. Furthermore, no suspects or persons of interest have been identified in the search for the Seminole Heights Shooter. 


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