Oct 19, 2017

Monica Hoffa update: Did serial shooter kill Florida woman?

There are new developments in the case of slain Florida woman Monica Hoffa, and they are not pleasant. Police now believe that the woman's shooting death may be connected to another unsolved shooting that took place earlier this month. Now residents of a Tampa neighborhood are worried that their community could be in danger. Is a serial shooter stalking unsuspecting victims in Florida? 

On October 9, at approximately 9:00 p.m., a 22-year-old man named Benjamin Edward Mitchell was fatally shot at a bus stop. The location of the young man's shooting wast around North 15th and East Frierson Ave -- an approximated 10-minute-walk from the location where Monica Hoffa's body was located just around a week ago.

Investigators believe that these two shootings were committed by the same perpetrator, but there doesn't appear to be any motives that connect the two victims. Police are encouraging the public to be careful, and avoid walking the streets in this particular neighborhood alone at night.

So, if you go by what authorities are saying, it seems that the murder of Monica Hoffa is the work of a serial killer. The state of Florida has seen its fair share of serial killer behavior over the course of many decades, so it wouldn't at all be surprising to learn of this. Hopefully this particular killer is apprehended soon.

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