Missing woman alert: Where is Kelly Evans?

Authorities in Faulkner County, Arkansas are looking for Kelly Evans. The 54-year-old woman has been missing for over a week, but her case has only just made it to media headlines. What happened to this missing woman?

KATV News reports that Evans was last seen wearing a white tank top and white jogging shorts. She was seen in the area of White Oak Rd., in the town of Enola. The circumstances surrounding her disappearing are sparse, but there have been supposed sightings of the missing woman. Someone reportedly told police that they saw someone looking like Kelly Evans walking down Hwy 225 E., toward the town of Greenbrier. At the time of this alleged sighting, the woman was wearing a pair of blue jeans and carrying a zebra-print purse. Authorities haven't confirmed if this sighting is accurate, or of the missing woman.

If you have any information, or if you think you've seen Kelly Evans, please don't hesitate to contact authorities in Arkansas at (501)328-3906. 


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