Missing in Tennessee: Where is Shanin Mehle?

Police in Crossville, Tennessee have been looking for Shanin Mehle for approximately two days. The 31-year-old woman's vehicle was found abandoned, which is what sparked the search for her. Where could this missing woman be after two days? Is she missing voluntarily, or did something horrible happen to her?

Shanin Mehle was reported missing on October 10, after her car was found blocking the driveway of a residence. Her driver's side window was rolled halfway down, and personal items belonging to her was left inside the vehicle. Those items included her cellphone. Authorities haven't fully clarified on the circumstances of the discovery of her car -- such as whether or not she has any relation to the owner of the driveway where the vehicle was found parked.

She was last seen leaving the residence where she was staying, which is apparently a different location from where her car was found. No real details are being released about whether or not she lived a high risk lifestyle, or if she had been going through a breakup or divorce. Hopefully more details come with more evidence, so that this case can be solved quickly.
If you think you've seen Shanin Mehle, or if you believe you have information that could lead to solving this disappearance, please do not hesitate to call the Crossville Police Dept. at (931) 484-7231.


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