Lavinia Fisher: America's First Female Serial Killer

While she's an important part of crime history, few people talk about Lavinia Fisher -- America's first female serial killer. Along with her husband, she supposedly claimed the lives of only two victims -- officially. However, she could have been responsible for far more murders, and has been the focus of many fantastic tales that have turned her into a sort of legend.

Sometime in the early 1800s, Lavinia and her husband opened a motel for travelers. It was during this time that the duo began committing a series of crimes. At one point she and her husband were arrested for assaulting a man, with intent to murder him. It was this arrest that led to the discovery that she was a serial killer, but very little is written about the suspicions against her.

Stories about Lavinia indicate that she lured wary male travelers to her husband's motel. Some legends say she crushed their heads between her thighs, but this clearly doesn't seem like a likely scenario.

Whether or not Lavinia Fisher was a prolific killer, she is arguably America's first female serial killer. She's the mother of all American female serial killers -- some of whom grossly bypassed her in body count and brutality.


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