Oct 28, 2017

Is there another Long Island Serial Killer?

Authorities believe they know who the Long Island Serial Killer (LISK) is, but now they may have another one on their hands. It's being suggested that convicted killer John Bittrolff may be the man responsible for several unsolved murders, but more bodies have started popping up -- indicating that a serial killer is still stalking the Long Island region. Does this mean prosecutors are wrong about their suspect, or is another serial killer filling the convict's shoes?

John Bittrolff was convicted of two cold case murders (of women) and has been charged in the murder of a third. All of his victims were sex workers, much like the victims of the Long Island Serial Killer. This, along with the geography and times of the killings, has people thinking he may just be the LISK. However, more murders have taken place since his imprisonment.

Three bodies in the past two weeks have been located in the Nassau County area. While none of these bodies were of female sex workers, it's curious that gang-ties are suspected. It should be noted that not all of LISK's victims were female. It should also be noted that sex work and gang activity sometimes go hand-in-hand. While it's most likely that these killings are unrelated to the Long Island Serial Killer, it's interesting that the body count keeps growing. This could mean that another serial killer is honing his craft.

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