Idaho Mom 'lost it' on four children for eating her ice cream

An Idaho mom has been arrested, after authorities say she violently beat four children, before shaving the heads of two of them. People Magazine reports that 26-year-old Priscilla Zapata has been charged with four felony counts of Injury to a Child, stemming from the incident that took place earlier this year.

The 26-year-old mom reportedly flew into a violent rage on the four children when she discovered that one of them had eaten her ice cream. During the course of her temper tantrum, she reportedly used a wet belt to beat the kids, before shaving the heads of two little girls. One of the victims in the incident told detectives that she was hit "everywhere" and hurt for an entire day after the incident. The same victim also claimed that her face was shoved into the empty ice cream container during the abusive "punishment." One of the girls who was abused in the incident said that Zapata picked her up by her throat and strangled her. She told detectives that she "felt like she was already dead."

All of the children showed physical evidence, which collaborated with their claims. The boys were beaten and bruised, and the girls' heads had indeed been shaved. The Idaho mom also reportedly texted to her sister that she "lost it" on the kids when they ate the ice cream.

Police say the incident took place in July, but an arrest wasn't officially made until the 5th of October. Their excuse for the delay was that they wanted to take the time to investigate the incident thoroughly. At least they were finally able to bring charges against this woman, who sounds like a total monster.

It should be noted that some reports aren't identifying this woman as a mother, but instead saying she was a family member of the victims. Meanwhile, KTVB News has reported that the woman is indeed the mother of the four victims.


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