Oct 19, 2017

Has Robyn Gardner finally been found?

It's been over six years, but the Robyn Gardner case is back in the news. The woman who vanished from Aruba under suspicious circumstances, in 2011, may have fallen victim to foul play. This has long been a suspicion, which may be confirmed with the discovery of a human bone. Is this cold case on the way to being solved?

A human bone was recently found during a search in association with Natalee Holloway. The discovery of the bone was made part of a documentary about the Alabama teen's disappearance. However, the bone does not belong to Holloway. It does, however, belong to a "European-Caucasian" female. Robyn Gardner certainly fits that description as well as Natalee Holloway did.

Gardnery's sister is volunteering DNA to assist in identifying the remains that were found. If it's a match, it would confirm that the bone belongs to Robyn. This would definitely bring an end to the search for her, which has completely gone cold over the course of the six years that have passed. If this bone is confirmed as belonging to Robyn, it could indicate that she was murdered while on vacation with Gary Giordano, who many people believe responsible for her disappearance. Here's to hoping Robyn's case is closer to being solved. 

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