Oct 30, 2017

Foster Mom From Hell Allegedly Beat Child With Bed Frame

A New Mexico foster mom is in jail after authorities say she abused an 11-year-old child in her care. Crime Online reports that 53-year-old Hope Graciano used a bed frame to beat the child, and the reason why is nothing short of perplexing.

The 11-year-old victim alleged that he was being abused at home. He claimed that his foster mother used a bed frame to beat him when he was unable to correctly answer math questions. The beating was reportedly so bad, that he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

According to medical professionals, the boy had two black eyes (which were swollen shut) and other "extensive" injuries. In other words, it's been alleged that the New Mexico woman brutally beat this boy. Police believe that the abuse had been going on for an extended period of time -- possibly over the course of the entire time that Graciano has been a licensed Foster care provider.

Hope Graciano has been charged with four felony counts associated with the abuse of the 11-year-old child. It seems that she isn't taking these charges seriously, judging by the amused grin she's showing off in her mugshot. Here's to hoping she's prosecuted to the fullest extent of New Mexico law.

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