Oct 20, 2017

Florida's serial shooter strikes again

An unknown shooter has claimed a third victim in a Tampa, Florida neighborhood. Police are baffled as they continue to investigate a growing number of unsolved shooting deaths, including the homicides of Monica Hoffa, and a young man named Benjamin Mitchell. Will there be more victims as this unidentified assailant terrorizes Seminole Heights?

The latest victim was a 20-year-old man named Anthony Naiboa. Described as an autistic man, Naiboa had accidentally gotten on the wrong bus, which took him to the Seminole Heights neighborhood. Police in the area heard the gunshot, but they were unable to reach the area in time. Anthony Naiboa was pronounced dead shortly after he was shot -- which was approximately 50 feet away from the same bus stop where Benjamin Mitchell was killed.

The unknown serial shooter is already building a sort of modus operandi. In each of the three shootings, none of the victims were robbed, and had been out walking alone in Seminole Heights. Surveillance footage also exists of an unidentified individual, who may have information useful to police. Authorities have not been able to track down this person.

Authorities in Tampa are giving a warning to residents of Seminole Heights, or anyone who may wind up in the area: Do not go walking alone at night. Chief Dugan issued a grim comment with the warning provided to the public.

"If you're walking alone, you're either a suspect or a potential victim, and that's why they need to remember in this neighborhood."

An award in the amount of $18k is currently being offered by Crime Stoppers, to anyone who has information that can lead to an arrest in this string of shootings. You can leave a tip anonymously at (800) 873-TIPS.

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