Oct 30, 2017

Florida man's imaginary girlfriend drove him to murder

Two Florida man are dead in a bizarre incident that took place earlier this month. New York Daily News reports that 30-year-old Brian Desario gunned down a male friend of his mother's, after he allegedly "flirted with his imaginary girlfriend."

Police say that Desario entered a garage at his mother's residence, where the woman was hanging out with her boyfriend and 56-year-old David Armstrong. It was at this time that the Florida man accused Armstrong of flirting with his girlfriend. During the escalation of these accusations, Desario pulled out a gun and shot the other man. Witnesses say that Desario left the garage, but returned and shot Armstrong a second time.

When authorities responded to 911 calls, they found the Florida man in the road in front of his mother's house. He was brandishing a rifle, and aiming it toward an elementary school down the road. He began shooting, which prompted officers to open fire on him. It could be considered "suicide by cop," but it's been reported that Desario suffered from mental illness. Police have also confirmed that he didn't even have a girlfriend, and that the woman was completely imaginary.

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