Florida man drowned baby in bathtub for heartbreaking reason

A Florida man has been arrested after police say he drowned his 17-month-old daughter. The Dreamin' Demon reports that 38-year-old Jeremy Main has been charged with first degree murder in association with the incident, which took place on Monday, and now the details of this crime are grabbing the attention of the media and the public. What's most horrifying about this case of child murder, is the alleged reason for why the child's father committed the grisly act.

Police say they were called by the child's mother on Monday morning, who claimed that her husband may have harmed their baby. The frantic woman, who was at work at the time, said that Main called her and told her that he had drowned the 17-month-old infant in the bathtub of their residence. Police responded to the call by going to the residence, where they had to force their way inside. That is where they found the deceased body of the baby, still in the bathtub where she had been drowned. The child's father was not in the home.

The 38-year-old Florida man later turned himself in to police, after he had failed to take his own life. The man admitted to killing his baby, and provided police with a shocking reason for why he had committed the crime. He told police that his wife was divorcing him, and that is why he decided to kill their young daughter. It seems that this was an act of retaliation against the woman for daring to leave him. Apparently showing some kind of remorse, police say that Main declared that he had "ruined his life."

For now, the Florida dad has only been charged with first degree murder, but an investigation is still underway. For now, he remains in jail where he belongs. Meanwhile, the mother of the slain infant is in mourning, and hasn't provided comment to the media.


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