Chicago man scalded fiance's baby to death

A Chicago man has been sentenced to only 12 years of imprisonment, after he was convicted of scaling his fiance's baby to death. The NWI Times reports that 27-year-old Jose Otero Jr., claims that he learned from his mistakes, but his mistakes claimed the life of a 16-month-old little girl that he didn't even father. Was the 12 year sentence enough for his victim to have justice?

The horrifying incident took place in March 2015. The unnamed child was rushed to a Chicago hospital, after she was discovered to be unresponsive in the home her mother shared with Otero. The story given to authorities at the time seems to mirror the same story given by many caregivers in shocking stories like these. The Chicago man claimed that he had run a bath for the baby, which "must have been a little too hot."

Unfortunately, the scalding burns suffered by the infant weren't the worst part of this story. The child was horribly scalded an entire week before anything was done about it. According to authorities, the child actually died from complication associated with infection, along with malnutrition. Suffice to say, the 16-month-old Chicago baby suffered through a week of horrendous pain, sickness and starvation while she died of infected burns.

This report comes on the heels of news revealing that the child's mother entered a plea in court. The plea will keep her from spending more than eight years in prison, even though she clearly allowed her daughter to suffer until her death.

What's a shame is that this baby only managed to survive for 16 months, before her life was taken in a heartbreaking manner. The price that these two adults are paying for the robbery of that life is absolutely pathetic, especially with knowing that the so-called mother will be young enough to start a new family when she is released from prison.


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