Oct 28, 2017

Casey Anthony Still Won't Go Away

Casey Anthony is back in the news, and the country is collectively grumbling about it. This chick just won't go away, as if being acquitted of murdering her daughter wasn't enough for her. Now she's apparently wanting to make money off the death of little Caylee, and her parents are pissed.

George and Cindy Anthony have reportedly threatened to sue their only daughter, after learning that she may be either starring in a reality show, or selling the story of her daughter's case. Cindy even issued a warning, that sounds suspiciously like she's finally blaming her daughter for Caylee's death:

"Casey, be true to yourself. Start being honest with yourself, and own everything. Quit putting blame on everybody else."

Meanwhile, George Anthony doesn't want a single thing to do with his daughter, which is completely understandable. During her controversial murder trial, Casey accused the man of sexually molesting her, which he has always denied. 

The world of true crime is funny. While a lot of people passionately hate Casey Anthony, and threaten to boycott anybody who hosts her story or gives her money, we all know that everyone will line up to read or watch anything she produces. She is an embedded true crime celebrity, and that may never change.

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