Oct 28, 2017

Can you help identify the Seminole Heights Shooter?

The hunt for a serial killer in Tampa, Florida is heating up, and now the mayor has broadcast a somber demand. Mayor Bob Buckhorn has declared that he wants the head of this unidentified killer brought to him. It's quite a medieval declaration, but with the fear spreading throughout Tampa, it's completely understandable. Authorities have also released extended security footage of a person of interest, and that footage is disturbing.

Can you help identify the Seminole Heights Shooter? 
In the video footage produced by detectives, a better look of an unidentified person can be seen, but it's still hard to tell any real features of the person. However, the video shows that this person of interest has a very specific mannerism, and that's in how he "flips" his phone. Watch the video below for an idea of what I'm talking about:

The person appears to be wearing some kind of thin rain jacket or windbreaker, with the hood pulled tightly over his or her head. In some parts of the footage, the person could almost be mistaken as a female. However, other parts of the footage seems to make it apparent that this person of interest is a male. Please study the footage, especially if you live in Tampa, Florida.

 Do you recognize this person? Do his mannerisms fit the mannerisms of someone you know? Any kind of information could prove helpful in the investigation, because detectives are stumped. So far, no other murders have been reported, but this killer was active for 11 days, during which time he claimed three victims. If too much time passes, public interest in this case will dwindle. Police interest will follow suit. That will allow for this serial killer to be comfortable enough to claim another victims.

If you're in the Seminole Heights neighborhood, please be on high alert. This person can be one of your neighbors. He (or she) can be someone with whom you're acquainted. If you sense that anything is amiss with someone you know in the neighborhood, call the police. The safety of your community is at risk, for as long as this killer remains at large.

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