Oct 25, 2017

Alexis Scott: Prostitution Rumors Surface Amid Search

The search for missing Peioria, Illinois woman Alexis Scott has been unsuccessful so far, that isn't stopping the true crime rumor mill. Speculation about what happened to this missing woman is being discussed all over the internet, and many people are giving attention to one specific rumor about the missing woman. Was Alexis dabbling in prostitution before her mysterious disappearance?

So far no media reports really mention this as an element in Alexis Scott's life. Nonetheless, folks on missing persons discussion forums -- such as Websleuths -- are implying that Alexis may have been selling her body via the site Backpage.Com. Of course, it should be noted that they are speculating on this possibility as a way to add to the idea that she was last seen getting into a car with "two unknown males." Fears of human trafficking are very present, especially with recent busts taking place across the country. Nonetheless, the circumstances of this disappearance don't seem to fit the human-trafficking-mold.

Alexis Scott was last seen at a party in Peoria, which she reportedly left at some point during the night she disappeared. It seems more likely that someone either at the party, or watching the party, has immediate information into her whereabouts. On the other hand, it's important for detectives to thoroughly investigate every single avenue of this case -- especially with it being over a month since Alexis was last seen. If this young woman was dabbling in prostitution around the time of her disappearance, then authorities may be able to determine what might have happened to her. In the meantime, please share any photo or article you can about Alexis's disappearance. The more eyes who see this missing woman, the better.

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