Oct 31, 2017

Alabama Foster Mom Broke Baby's Bones

An Alabama foster mom has been arrested, after an infant in her care was discovered to be horrifically injured. Police say the five-week-old infant suffered nearly a dozen broken bones, leading to the 27-year-old Hoover woman being charged with aggravated child abuse.

A child abuse investigation opened against Alessandra Terin Bishop in mid-October, after the five-week-old baby was taken to a hospital with an arm injury. It was at this time that medical staff noted that the baby was seriously injured. Over a course of approximately two weeks, an investigation crawled on as authorities built their case against the young foster mom.

Polcie say that Bishop is responsible for the baby's injuries, which include fractures throughout her entire body. Both of her arms and both of her legs were also broken. It's clear that this child suffered injuries during at least one bout of violence, but few details are actually available in this case. It's fortunate that the woman has been arrested, and the child is recovering in the care of someone else.

The Alabama foster mom appears to be crying in her mugshot, which makes me wonder: Is she crying because of what she did to the innocent five-week-old infant that was in her care, or is she crying because she's going to face the consequences for those actions?

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