Was Paul Swenson murdered?

A search is currently underway for missing Utah man Paul Swenson. The 30-year-old missing man vanished around July 27th, and hasn't made any contact with his loved ones. There are some suspicious elements in this case, and I also can't shake the negative vibes I am getting. Did something horrible happen to this man? My gut feeling is telling me 'yes.'

Swenson was last seen at around 3:00 p.m., on the 27th. He left his family's home in his black 2016 BMW, which was later found abandoned near the Parkview Elementary School in Salt Lake City. Police say the manner in which the car was found was "under suspicious circumstances."

The missing man's cellphone has also been turned off -- an immediately suspicious fact.

Other suspicious elements have come to play, which have sparked speculation and rumors that drug use (or even trafficking) could be involved. However, authorities in Utah have declared that there is no evidence of any of these things having anything to do with Paul's disappearance.

What is being considered, heavily, is that Paul Swenson is voluntarily missing. However, something just doesn't feel right about that. While he may have been battling emotional or mental demons, there hasn't been any reported history of disappearance with this man. Furthermore, there appears to be some kind of need for authorities to play this case close to their chests. In other words, I don't think all of the information has made its way to the public.

What should happen in this case? Obviously authorities need to figure out whether or not Paul Swenson is missing voluntarily. I have a gut feeling that this man is not missing voluntarily, and I hope authorities fully investigate until they can get to the bottom of this disappearance. Police have worded that the way his car was abandoned was "suspicious," which makes me wonder if someone dumped it there. So who dumped it there?

The people closest to this missing man need to be looked at very closely.


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