Police: Alabama man beat missing elderly woman for two days

An Alabama man is in jail after authorities say he held an elderly woman captive for at least two days. CBS News 47 reports that 33-year-old Lance David McClendon faces a variety of charges in association with the shocking incident, which has left the woman with multiple severe injuries.

The 65-year-old victim had been reported missing by her loved ones in Georgia, who were unable to make contact with her over a course of multiple days. Sheriff's deputies in the town of Albertville, Alabama were able to track her down at the home of 33-year-old McClendon, who has been described as the victim's boyfriend. The victim's loved ones gave police his address, describing him as someone that she had "known for a couple of years," but they had expressed worry, which triggered a welfare check.

It's a good thing police showed up at McClendon's home, because there is no telling what may have happened to the unnamed victim. Police say that the 65-year-old woman had been kept locked in the living room of the man's home with no access to a phone or any other facilities. She was denied access to food, water or a restroom, and all doors and windows of the house were reportedly screwed shut. There was no doubt, according to police, that the Alabama man had been keeping this woman captive.

Not only had the elderly Georgia woman been held against her will, she had suffered multiple beatings at the hands of her captor. Police say that the victim is suffering from a collapsed lung, cuts to her head and bruising throughout her face and body. She is currently being treated for her injuries, fortunate to be alive.

Lance David McClendon has been charged with second-degree domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment. He is also charged with the unlawful use of a credit card. he is currently being held in jail on bond in the amount of $250k. 


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