Mom let baby cook to death in Arizona desert

An Arizona mom has been sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment, after she was convicted in the horrifyingly gruesome death of her 17-month-old daughter. The details of this case are very graphic, and are indeed anger-inducing -- especially with knowing that this tragic case could have been prevented altogether.

The Dreamin' Demon reports that 23-year-old Ashley Attson intentionally murdered her own daughter, just two months after winning custody of her. The 17-month-old infant had been in the care of tribal social services for her entire life, albeit short. This was because her mother had used crystal meth during her pregnancy, causing the child to be born with the dangerous drug in her system.

Just two months after finally getting custody of her child, Ashley Attson decided she no longer wanted to be a mother. She placed the defenseless infant in a stroller and then pushed her into the desert, where she was left to cook under the Arizona sun for four days, and four nights. During these four days of excruciating suffering for the baby, Ashley went on with her life with no remorse. She posted selfies to Facebook, went out with friends and behaved as if she hadn't just callously murdered her own child.

After four days, Attson returned to where she had abandoned her baby, discovering that she had in fact died. Two days after this, she decided to crudely bury the child in an animal's den hole, in the desert on the Navajo Reservation.

The details make 20 years of imprisonment seem like such a tiny sentence. After all, Ashley Attson will be in her early 40s when she's released -- and that's only if she serves the entire sentence. She could be released early on good behavior, or for any number of reasons. That means she could potentially have more children in the future.

So has justice been served? 


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