Aug 5, 2017

Lucy Xiong update: Body pulled from canal during search

The search for missing woman Lucy Xiong has taken a tragic ( but expected ) turn. The Washington Times reports that a body has been retrieved from a canal in Fresno, and authorities believe that it's her. If the body in the canal is positively identified as the missing woman, what could it mean about her case?

Detectives say that the body was found approximately a mile and a half from where Lucy Xiong was last seen. What is known about this case is that Xiong had left her mother's residence on foot, while allegedly under the influence of alcohol. After she "stormed off" during an argument with her mother, she talked to her boyfriend on the phone. However, the man told detectives that their phone call was abruptly ended with a scream.

The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Lucy Xiong have led authorities to believe that she fell victim to foul play. However, as speculated in this post, it's quite possible that the young woman fell into the canal while on foot, intoxicated, and not paying attention while on the phone with her boyfriend.

Few details are available at this time, concerning the recent discovery of a woman's body. However, police have revealed that there are suspects in association with the unlawful use of Xiong's credit card. The suspect told authorities that they located Xiong's purse along the bank of the canal. The suspect denies any involvement in the disappearance of Lucy Xiong, and authorities haven't confirmed whether or not they still believe foul play is likely in her disappearance and death. It does seem likely that she fell into the canal while intoxicated, and then this person innocently happened on her belongings. However, anything is possible in cases such as this one.

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