Aug 17, 2017

Let's face it: Madeleine McCann is gone forever

It's been over a decade, and Madeleine McCann still hasn't been found. Meanwhile, taxpayers continue to lose millions in the funding of this fruitless search and investigation. I hate to be "that person," but I think it's time to hang up the search for good, and realize that Maddie is lost forever.

Does that mean we should give up on justice?
Absolutely not. There are many things investigators can be doing in both Portugal and the UK, instead of focusing on this fool's errand of looking for a child that has been intentionally hidden from the world.

For starters, it's time to make Kate and Gerry McCann official suspects in Madeleine's disappearance. It's been made clear, time and time again, that the evidence has always put them in the light of suspicion. There is a reason they were declared "arguidos" by Portuguese authorities in the past. It's time for this charade to end.

At the least, it's time to charge Kate and Gerry with child negligence for leaving their three young children alone the night Madeleine went missing. If these parents weren't directly responsible for her disappearance, they are at the very least to blame for making the disappearance possible. They left their children alone for several hours. A three-year-old girl cannot babysit two infants, but these three children were all left alone to fend for themselves, while the adults went out and enjoyed drinks.

Enough is enough.

Madeleine McCann will likely never be found. If she was kidnapped, she was hidden so well that a decade has passed with no results in the search. If she was killed, her remains were disposed of in a way that they may never be found. What we have is plenty of evidence to prove that a crime was committed, but no justice.

It's time to stop focusing on the search for a child that will never be found, and start focusing on bringing people to justice.

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