Aug 17, 2017

Kara Kopetsky's remains have been identified

The search for Kara Kopetsky is finally over, after just a little over a decade of searching. However, loved ones aren't rejoicing, and nobody is throwing a coming-home-party in this case. KCTV 5 News reports that the remains of the missing 17-year-old have been uncovered, and positively identified. While this brings an end to the search for the missing Missouri teen, this case is far from over. What happened to this young woman, and will anyone be held responsible?

The remains of Kara Kopetsky were reportedly located several months ago, following the discovery of remains belonging to another missing woman. Kopetsky's loved ones have long-believed that the remains belonged to her, and this positive identification confirms their belief.

Karla Kopetsky is going to be put to rest, after she was presumably murdered a decade ago. It's only a small comfort for this woman's family, who must now wait for potential prosecution.

It should be noted that one particular person has always stood out as a person of interest in Kara's disappearance. Kylr C Yust had dated the young woman before she vanished, and he had been the target of a protective order she had sought from the courts. Yust has also been connected to the disappearance and death of Jessica Runions (whose remains were located near Kopetsky's). It looks like the walls are closing in on Yust. Hopefully justice is served.

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