Is Lucy Xiong the victim of foul play?

Authorities in Fresno, California are looking for Lucy Xiong. The 20-year-old woman went missing July 28, and hasn't been in contact with loved ones since that day. There are disturbing circumstances surrounding this case, which make it easy to believe that this missing woman came to some kind of harm. Did someone harm the California woman, or are the circumstances to her disappearance nothing more than coincidence?

Nobody has seen Lucy Xiong in three days, but the night she vanished she was on the phone with a friend. That friend says that something bizarre took place in the final moments of being in contact with the missing woman. The friend, who isn't being named publicly, claims that Xiong "acted surprised" and then dropped their call abruptly. This is the last time anyone had spoken to the missing woman, and now her loved ones are worried.

They have good reason to worry. The scenario described by Lucy Xiong's friend sounds suspiciously like a kidnapping or some other kind of violent incident. It is very likely that someone preyed on the 20-year-old woman while she was on the phone with her friend, causing her to disconnect the phone call. Police say that this incident took place at around 12:35 a.m., after the missing woman had left her home. So the environment seems about right: The young woman was out by herself in the middle of the night, and now she is missing under some downright suspicious circumstances.

There are details that need clarification: Was she on foot? Is this friend that claims to had last spoken to her male or female? Does Lucy Xiong have a history of disappearing or living a high risk lifestyle? Did she just recently end a relationship?

Hopefully detectives in Fresno can get to the bottom of what happened to this missing woman before it's too late. It's already been three days since she vanished, and with each day that passes, the likelihood of finding a missing person alive diminishes (if she isn't missing voluntarily).

Lucy Xiong was last seen wearing a grey t-shirt and white denim jeans. She was carrying a pink purse with a gold chain strap. She is petite and Asian with brown eyes and medium-length black hair (as pictured above). If you have seen this woman, or if you believe you have information related to her disappearance, please do not hesitate to contact the Fresno Police Department at (559)621-7000.


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