I'm pissed off: Who's to blame for Trump's Nazi America

When I was a kid, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I witnessed the growing popularity of neo-Nazism flourish. I was too young to fully understand what skinheads were, other than the simple explanation given to me by my grandparents: "They don't like black people." I also understood -- as much as I could at the age of five-years-old -- that my grandparents were disgusted with skinheads, even though they themselves weren't too fond of dark-skinned people either. I grew up in a household where it was totally normal to hear the "N" word and any other multitude of slurs toward blacks, Jews, Mexicans, gays -- pretty much anyone that wasn't white and Christian. Nonetheless, I was taught that skinheads, neo-Nazis, anyone who falls under that category of people, were just evil subhumans. I knew, even at a young age, that even your average run-of-the-mill racist idiot hates skinheads, hates Nazis, hates hate-groups that want harm to come of specific minorities.

When Donald Trump started to run for President, many of us saw clearly that he was running on a platform of hate and bigotry. Many of us saw clearly that Trump was calling out to the most hateful and angry of Americans, along with the most gullible and easily fooled/manipulated. Many of us saw parallels between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. Noted historians warned us. Aged war veterans warned us. The Anne Frank Centre has even warned us of the dangerous comparisons between Trump and the man responsible for the Holocaust.

Nonetheless, enough people voted for him. He became our POTUS.

Now look what's happening.

White supremacists are literally taking to the streets with TIKI TORCHES, marching with their hatred right out in open display. People are dying in said streets for simply standing up against this vile display of hatred and ignorance. People are being beaten by mobs of racists while police do nothing, and victims are being smeared in writing by racist bullies who enjoy being real-life trolls.

I feel the same sickness in my stomach that I felt when I was a kid, when I saw groups of skinheads doing the same thing.

 The blame for all this fuckery should be placed squarely on the shoulders of every single person who voted for Donald Trump;Those of you who foolishly believed that he would "make America great again," even though the facts and evidence completely showed otherwise long before the 2016 election took place. You ignored the evidence. You ignored this man's behavior -- even applauding him at times for being callous, hateful and completely nonpresidential. You ignored every piece of evidence that indicated that this administration colluded with Russia before and during the 2016 election -- which is completely treasonous. You ignored that this man had admitted to assaulting women. You ignored red flag, after red flag, after red flag.

You ignored our own trusted news sources, foolishly believing the orange idiot's "fake news" rhetoric. Meanwhile, you completely fell for every single fake news pushed by every single fake, hoax, satire news site on the internet. You foolishly, in all your gullible idiocy, swallowed down what Russian hackers fed to you. You swallowed down what alt-right bloggers falsified. You trusted people who stroked your own internal biases, over the facts and evidence that surrounded you.

You libertarians, anti-Hillary liberals and conspiracy theorists are also to blame. Don't you dare think you don't share equal blame with the very same people who voted for Donald Trump, because you do share equal blame. You fell for idiotic conspiracy theories like "Pizzagate." You let your sour grapes over what happened to Bernie Sanders get you where it hurt, and you took out your frustrations on the American people. You may not want to hear that, but it's the cold, hard truth. You people who just "couldn't trust Hillary," but claimed that you didn't want Trump to be POTUS either. You made a clear decision when you voted for 3rd party candidates and people that you knew wouldn't ever be elected. You wasted your votes, plain and simple, and you helped bring about Trump's victory. Some of you refuse to accept that, and some of you have boasted that it's "What the DNC gets for screwing over Bernie." Shame on you.

Hillary wasn't an ideal candidate, but she was the only candidate that would have beat Trump had some of you not thrown your votes to the guy who doesn't know what Aleppo is, and the Indigo Girls reject.

These alt-right morons taking to the streets are no different from the skinheads that we hated in the 90s, and they're no different from the Nazis our parents and grandparents hated during WWII and beyond. If it wasn't for Trump sitting up at the White House, these people would not feel so emboldened. They wouldn't feel brazen enough to march in the streets with torches, with their faces in plain sight, totally not afraid of any consequences. This would not have happened when Obama was POTUS, and it very likely wouldn't have happened had Hillary won the 2016 election.

I am very disappointed in the world right now, and I'm incredibly disappointed in so many people who call themselves Americans. What's happening right now is not American. Either you are going to speak out against it and fight it, or you support it. I see far too many of you being silent about what's going on right now. 


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